HLS Roof Cleaning services

Our Goal

Why spend thousands of dollars replacing your roof, when your could have it cleaned, and get the same results for only a fraction of the price. Our roof cleaning services are one of a kind. With a well trained staff and quality cleaning products that get the job done, we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results.

Black streaks and green moss on your shingled roof look awful. The problem is almost always growth such as algae, mold, or bacteria, which feed on the minerals within the asphalt of shingles. This algae is called Gloeocapsa Magma. It eats the limestone filler in your roof shingles, absorbs moisture, and prevents the shingles from drying, which drastically shortens the lifespan of your roof. Our low pressure soft wash roof cleaning process begins with an application of algaecide to the roof killing and neutralizing the unsightly algae. Then a second application ensures it is completely eliminated. Each application contains a special additive to help inhibit future growth and keep your roof looking newer, longer. We spray down the plants and vegetation around the building with water to ensure the chemicals do no harm..

All jobs are Satisfaction guaranteed!


What causes my roof to look so bad?

The main reason roofs begin to develop those unsightly black streaks is because of an air born spore that tends to develop on the north side of many homes. The north side of your home is shaded longer then the south side. When the sun comes up in the morning the night moisture has a longer time to sit on your roof and hence gives the air born spores time to infect and over time leaving your roof with those unsightly streaks. Algae, mold and fungi, tree sap, dirt and pollution are also a factor in the appearance of streaks.

Will getting my roof cleaned harm my shingles?

No! With the mixture of chemicals and low pressure water treatment it will leave your roof looking new, but will also keep the shingles in better condition then they were if the mold and mildew was still on your roof. If a roof goes for years without attention all the mildew and mold retain moisture and can leave your roof in poor condition, prone to leakage.

Will my roof stay looking this good for very long?

Yes! Once your roof is cleaned it will stay looking nice and clean for about five years. But if for some reason mold and mildew begin to show in less then a year of when it was cleaned we will come back to your home and take care of that free of charge.